Art Photography Checklist

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  • Art Photography Checklist

Each year we fling open the doors to our Artist Call Out, searching for kiwi artists who want to grace the pages of our fabulous New Zealand Art Calendars. More details on that here.

Now, we're not gonna lie, we receive a flood of submissions that make us go, "Oh no, this isn't gonna cut it." We're talking images that are more blurry than Big Foot on a caffeine binge or darker than that cave you accidentally went walking in. Trust us, we've seen it all!

But fear not, we've got your back. Our Art Photography Checklist is your secret weapon to capturing and submitting the perfect photo of your artwork, all while avoiding those dreaded publishing standards pitfalls. We've packed it chock-full of helpful information and quirky advice that will have you snapping like a pro in no time.

Want to know the best lighting setup to make your artwork shine like a star? Curious about which camera settings will make your masterpiece pop? Wondering how to avoid those pesky glares and reflections that haunt your every shot?

So put on your photographer's hat (or beret, if you're feeling artsy), and get ready to up your photography game. With our Art Photography Checklist, you'll be capturing and submitting jaw-dropping photos that'll make our calendar selection committee squeal with delight!

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